Graffiti without gravity

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ESA is teaming up with The Hague Street Art for a unique crossover project between ‘street art’ and space exploration. Street artists from all over Europe are being challenged to bring space down to Earth for all to see, and you could be one of the finalists…

We are always looking for new ways to create awareness for our activities: this time we’re reaching out to young urban artists communities. In May, ten top street artists from across Europe will be competing to create their own masterpiece on a 2x2 m canvas at Space Expo in Noordwijk, using ‘space exploration’ as inspiration for their works of art.

Given 12 empty canvases and one day to paint or spray, 12 artists will create space-themed artworks. A panel of judges consisting of experts from the space industry and the street art scene will assess each artist. For the winning artist awaits a very special prize: he or she will get the chance to experience ‘zero gravity’ themselves on a special parabolic flight.


ESA runs experiments on the Novepsace zero-G aircraft, which is based at Bordeaux, France. During its three-hour rollercoaster flights, passengers experience 20 seconds of ‘weightlessness’ at the top of each apex as it flies up and down at 45° angles. ESA and Graffiti Without Gravity sponsors are offering a place for the winning artist to experience this, like an astronaut, and even create artwork without gravity.

This collaboration will present live street art with some of the best names in the street art scene across Europe, each bringing their own unique style. Ten top European street artists have been invited to battle it out, but we are also looking for two ‘wild card’ artists to join and take part in the final event.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and space inspires you to paint, send us a quick sketch of what you would create for Graffiti without gravity in a PDF with a note about what motivates you. Finalists have one day to complete their artwork on a 2 x 2 m canvas, keep this in mind when submitting your design. 

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