Call for ideas: Space exploration as a driver for growth and competitiveness

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Business opportunities for private companies

This ESA "call for ideas" represents a unique opportunity for the private sector to shape and engage as a strategic partner in the future global space exploration undertaking.

ESA wants to assess the interest of the private sector in implementing the Agency’s space exploration strategy.

To date space exploration is an institutional domain led by space agencies. However, an increasing number of initiatives coming from the private sector have recently emerged that could lead to a paradigm shift in space exploration strategies.  


Strategic partnerships

ESA is looking into novel ways to partner with the private sector and facilitate the realisation of European exploration ambitions.

The strategic partnerships ESA is looking for means that:

  • ESA and the private sector work in cooperation, each investing its own resources, expertise and skills.
  • ESA and the private sector exploit the partnership to their mutual benefits, relying on clear and mutually agreed objectives.
  • ESA and the private sector cooperation will lead to products or services with commercial viability in the long term.

ESA will select the most promising partnership ideas and mature the idea together with the proposing teams with a view to implementing pilot partnership initiatives.


   Thomas Reiter stresses the importance of this initiative: "ESA's perspective on private-sector organisations in space exploration is evolving and this call welcomes partnerships beyond the space industry. Furthermore, we welcome initiatives from outside Europe as long as they support the ESA strategic plan and global cooperation goals for space exploration."
 Thomas Reiter - ESA’s Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations


Submit your partnership idea

                                                 Call for ideas' schedule


ESA organised an information day on the Call for Ideas on April 28 to clarify ESA goals and answer most frequently asked questions.
Please click on the right hand link related to this information day for detailed information.

Even if your company has missed the deadline at the beginning of April to submit a "letter of interest", you can still submit your proposal to by 26 May.

Check out the call for ideas and help ESA in selecting promising partnership ideas.




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