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Disclaimer: These reports and catalogues are produced and published by National Agencies and organisations from various Member States.
ESA does not guarantee completeness or latest versions.
For the most recent publications and information please visit the websites of the national agencies and organisations.


Luxembourg space capabilities”, published by the The Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Luxinnovation - National Agency for Innovation and Research & Luxembourg Space Cluster.


"The Portuguese Space Catalogue", published by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) in 2013.

Survey of the Economic Impact of Portugal’s Participation in ESA from 2000 to 2009”, published by Clama Consulting in November 2 2011


Sweden, List of companies”, published on their website by Rymdstyrelsen, Swedish National Space Board, in 2014

The Swedish National Space Board’s long-term strategy, focused on 2011-2015”, published by Rymdstyrelsen, Swedish National Space Board, in 2010.

United Kingdom

The Size and Health of the UK Space Industry”, Executive Summary", published by the UK Space Agency in October 2014.

"Space Growth Action Plan; Response to the UK Space Innovation and Growth Strategy 2014-2030", published by the UK Space Agency in April 2014.

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