ESA Telecom Call for Ideas 2008

15 April 2008

The Telecom program of the European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting industry and experts from European Member States and Canada to submit ideas and suggestions for future research and development activities in the area of satellite communication. All submissions are confidential.

Every year workplans are prepared for ESA Telecom's Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program elements 1 and 5. The activities in the workplans are selected from the response to this "Call for Ideas" by the ESA Telecommunications team with support from experts from other ESA directorates.

The Telecom program includes both long and short term activities. The long term activities include concepts for products and services expected to come to market within 5 years. The short term activities include developments resulting in products and services that can reach the market within 3 years. The long term activities generally involve more uncertainty and therefore are 100% funded. The short term activities involve less risk and result in marketable products and services and therefore are 50% funded.

Long Term Activities

Activities for long term developments are captured in the ARTES 1 and ARTES 5 workplan. The areas covered include: satcom market analysis, satcom systems and development of new satcom technologies. Your valuable input helps us establish relevant workplans that can meet your future needs. Competitive Invitations to Tender (ITT) are issued throughout the following year for items in the workplans. Ideas are welcome to be submitted within the following programme lines: Programme Development, Technology, User Segment, and Mobility. For more information on these programme lines, please refer to the column on the left hand side of this website.

Short Term Activities and Close to Market Activities

For short term activities and activities that are close to market, no yearly workplans are created. This type of activity belongs in ARTES 4, an ARTES element which operates on the basis of a continuous Open Call for Proposals. This is published on EMITS under ITT number AO4780. You are welcome to submit proposals in response to this ITT at any time, in direct negotiation. The "Call for Ideas" is therefore not applicable in this area.

The ARTES 1 and ARTES 5 workplans for 2009 will be published on the ESA Telecommunications website in early 2009.

Due to the volume of ideas usually received in response to this "Call for Ideas", individual feedback will unfortunately not be possible. Your ideas; however, are highly valued. They shape the Telecommunications program of ESA.

Please submit your ideas and suggestions by using the "Call for Ideas" online form. A link to the form is located in the related links section in the right column of this page.

Ideas and suggestions should be submitted by Friday 13 June 2008.

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