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European Space Agency's Industry Portal

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The Industry Portal is serving industry and R&D entities as the entry point to ESA when looking for industry news, business opportunities or information on how to do business with ESA.

In addition to the Industry Portal home page, the following three sections address specific topics:

  • Business Opportunities, if you are looking for business


  • How to do Business Specially interesting if you are a newcomer to be informed about how to do business with ESA, but also relevant for established ESA suppliers


  • Specific for SMEs dedicated to relevant information for Small and Medium size Enterprises.

Through the ESA Industry Portal, companies and R&D entities will obtain access to:

  • News on issues of direct relevance to industry in the ESA context.
  • The EMITS system, through which industry will be able to:
    1. get aware of all Intended Invitations To Tenders by ESA and external entities using the EMITS system
    2. download all open Invitations To Tenders
    3. express interest in the different open Invitations To Tenders and establish relations with possible partners
  • ESID, The European Space Industry Directory containing a wide range of space products and companies with activity descriptions.
  • Programmatic data published by the different ESA R&D programmes (TRP, GSTP, Technology Transfer, ARTES,etc.) of direct interest to industry, either directly or via links to relevant ESA sites.
  • Technical data (technical reports, final reports, etc.). This access will allow industry and R&D partners to get on-line all information and documentation of direct relevance to their activity (patents, standards, technical reports, etc).
  • Occasionally forums administrated by ESA experts, where industry's views are welcome.
  • Links to internal and external information of direct relevance to industry.