Global Space Economic Forum: Community of Innovation

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ESA’s Space 4.0 Strategy, proposed and approved by ESA Member States at the Council Meeting at Ministerial Level in December 2016, has brought about a ‘Community of innovation’. 

The Community is an open platform enabling participants to share ideas across a wide range of industrial sectors.

The Global Space Economic Workshop in October 2017 connected diverse industrial cultures to discuss future global challenges, new territories and imagined futures.

More than 180 participants, representing 55 space and 44 non-space companies shared visions and ideas in the domains of new materials, energy, resources, disabilities, cybersecurity, mobility and the associated opportunities and challenges to implement such visions.

Members of the Community represent different cultures and backgrounds who share a vision of the future and are joining forces to identify possible innovative approaches to tackle future challenges.

The ESA Grand Challenge is part of ESA's Space 4.0 Strategy. It is a contest fostering a new European ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-up companies competing to develop solutions that address complex problems be they technical, scientific or societal.

Interviews within the Community of Innovation

The GSEW team are carrying out a series of interviews to foster discussion and sharing of ideas. Read the transcripts by clicking on the names below:

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