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Goodbye paper! ESA Tendering is now online

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From 15 March, esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration – will be available to internal and external users.

Go to esa-star:

The esa-star is a fully electronic, integrated, internet-based tendering system that improves the end-to-end procurement process and makes it easier to exchange information between ESA and industry.

It also provides a Registration and Management facility for external Entities, featuring a simplified and user-friendly registration questionnaire, as well as number of other improvements.

The esa-star registration replaces the “Industry Outlook” under EMITS.

Registered EMITS users will find all their data has been carried over to esa-star and are invited to familiarise themselves with the new system and review their information.

Initially, just a selected number of ESA Tender Actions will be routed to esa-star, most other ESA Tender Actions will remain the same until autumn.

The selected ESA Tender Actions using esa-star will include several procurement types such as: competitive and restricted Invitations to Tender; Requests for Proposal under EXPRO; non-competitive Requests for Quotation; Announcement of Opportunities; Calls for Proposals; and Best Practices.  

The following Open Competitive Tender Actions will be issued through esa-star:


Components for realization of rad-hard GaN MMICs
High Level vibration/Shock relays & development and evaluation
Radio Frequency Interference Scenarios, Application Requirements and Counteraction Techniques
Modelling of Electrostatic Environment of Ion Emitting Spacecraft (PTRP)
Experimental Evaluation of ATHENA Charged Particle Background from Secondary Radiation and Scattering in Optics
DUE GlobDiversity (RS-EBVS)
TBD under "European Space Exploration Earth Innovation Competition"
New Open Call (ARTES ENTRY)
Gravitational Wave Observatory: Gravitational Wave Observatory Metrology Laser

Find out more

Find out how esa-star will affect you and see important messages about registering and Tendering by clicking on the links on the right.

We will keep you informed of any developments.

Training material and business procedures will ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge of the new system.

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