On-line Registration System for ESA Tenderers

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The registration system enables ESA tenderers to meet ESA requirements of information and to proceed any time with the updating of their information. The registration is taking place at the level of the legal entity. Establishments, departments, divisions, sections are not allowed to proceed with any registration separately.

The Entity Information Administrator (EIA) has the opportunity to inform ESA about the contacts within the entity (yellow pages within EMITS). He can make the expertise and technology marketing of the entity within ESA (yellow pages). He is asked to provide ESA with key financial figures (restricted information). He has to inform ESA about the ownership/shareholders of the entity (restricted information). He can manage the access to EMITS. All this can be done in cooperation with his/her colleagues by defining some of them as reviewers for the filling out on-line of specific parts of the questionnaire.

Therefore ESA needs to have an Entity information Administrator, a deputy and a bidder code contact within your organisation. The same person if necessary can cumulate the functions.

Tenderers are composed of different types of organisations. It is important to select the one corresponding to your entity in order to select the right questionnaire to be filled out (e.g. questionnaire for not profit organisation).

Registered entities have been notified of the transfer of their information to the new on-line registration system. They have been invited to update and to get the data validated by ESA. They will follow the updating procedure for ‘Registered Tenderers’.

Registering entities will follow the registration procedure for ‘New Tenderers’.

For any technical problem please contact the ESA service desk at the following address:

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