Registered Tenderers

The majority of tenderers are already registered. It means that the entity has already one or several ESABD codes. Somebody from each entity had already been notified by ESA about the transfer of the information to the new system. Therefore we are talking about updating the on-line information in order to keep the corresponding ESABD codes valid.

The first updating implies almost the filling out of the new questionnaires because of their new structures which differ from the earlier versions. The EIA can access the questionnaire by using his/her user-id and password. Another person can eventually be assigned the role of EIA. The other Emits users of the entity have a view mode access. They can enter the part “bidder information and emits roles” of the questionnaire and identify who has been initially defined as Entity Information Administrator (EIA).

The updating of the on-line questionnaire can only be submitted to ESA by the EIA once the traffic lights are yellow/green (a submit for validation button is appearing on the main screen).

Concerning the ESABD codes the EIA is asked to select one of them to be used in the future and to inform his/her staff and the service desk of ESA about his/her decision. ESA will transfer all the EMITS users of the entity to the selected bidder code.

Please read and/or print the presentation hereunder in order to proceed efficiently with the updating:

Last update: 3 November 2008

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