How to get involved in business in Kourou

Mainly ESA, CNES and Arianespace are issuing invitation to tenders (ITT) aiming at selecting manufacturers in charge of performing works at Europe’s spaceport.

All ITTs issued made by ESA are channelled through EMITS (

ITTs issued by CNES for CSG are also channelled through EMITS, and through the “Journal Officiel des Communautés Européennes”, via the “Bulletin Officiel d’Annonces des Marchés Publics” and in French Guiana newspapers for legal announcements. For publication on EMITS, CNES/CSG uses the “EMITS for External Entities”.

Industrial policy aiming at the ‘europeanization’ of the CSG

The contribution of ESA Member States to the different CSG activities and programmes is specific to each programme. All ESA member states contribute to the funding of the CSG contract.

All these programmes shall aim at an ideal industrial return equal to 1 for each State participating to their funding. Consequently, all efforts are done in order to make sure that European manufacturers have an open and fair access to business opportunities offered by the CSG, Europe’s spaceport.

Last update: 21 July 2008

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