New procurement regulations at ESA with two Industrial Ombudsmen

20 May 2010

ESA is introducing a procurement review procedure within its regulatory framework. The new Procurement Regulations, laying down these rules, will enter into force on 1 June 2010.

The ESA Industrial Ombudsman will have a central function in this new procedure and will remain the guardian of the principles of transparency, impartiality and non-discrimination that govern ESA procurements.

Further information about the review procedure and the expanded competence of the ESA Industrial Ombudsman will be made available on this page upon the entry into force of the new regulations.

In preparation for the expanded role of the ESA Industrial Ombudsman, since 1 January 2010 two people have been in post: Alain Gaubert and Rolf Skaar, selected on the basis of their experience and competence in matters pertaining to European space industry and procurement.

The ESA Industrial Ombudsmen are available to all companies doing business with or for ESA. The recourse to, and modality of, intervention of the ESA Industrial Ombudsman are delineated in the procedure laid down in the ‘Terms of Reference of the ESA Industrial Ombudsman’.

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