ESA business oriented websites

A number of specialist ESA websites address news and information with relevance for industry, presenting procurement initiatives, work plans and relation with industry, each site covering a specific area.

Some are also reported on the SME website and the Industry Portal, however companies, and in particular SMEs, are advised to visit these sites on a regular basis to be sure to know about latest initiatives and news. The principal ESA websites with business relevance information are listed below.

Telecom for professionals

ESA's aim in the satellite communications field is to contribute to the competitiveness of the European and Canadian private sector by providing a lead in research and development (R&D) activities and by forging partnerships within the industry. ESA’s Telecom Programme issues on a regular basis invitation to tenders for its ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) programme elements.

In addition, ESA Telecom offers an exciting opportunity for start-up projects - an open door for business innovation - with a new initiative aimed at supporting a number of SMEs through the early development stages of researching and refining a business proposition.

For more information of the opportunities with ESA Telecom visit the Telecommunications – EU and Industrial programmes’ specialist website.

ISS commercialisation

‘ISS Business’ provides access to the International Space Station (ISS) for commercial customers. The ISS presents an extraordinary new opportunity to companies: offering of sophisticated research facilities in a zero-gravity environment with a crew of trained astronauts to execute experiments.

ISS is the only place where human beings live and work beyond Earth, it is continuously available, it has regular access by spacecraft and an intellectual property regime can be tailored specifically to the need of the customers.

For more information on how to work with ESA on utilising the opportunities ISS offers in doing R&D in complete weightlessness visit the Human Spaceflight and Exploration – Business website.

EOMD programme

Earth Observation Market Development (EOMD) programme main objective is to foster the emergence of a European downstream industry offering Earth observation (EO) services with the prospect of becoming sustainable, to public and private customers on the global market.

The programme provides a first opportunity for support for activities related to the market development and business phase in the evolution of EO-based products and services. It is open to all ESA membership countries including Canada, with the exception of Ireland and Portugal.

For more information on ESA’s EOMD programme and the opportunities it provides for business visit the Earth Observation Market Development website.

Technology Transfer Programme

ESA spends some €250 million each year in research and development (R&D) activities. Recognising the enormous potential of the technologies and know-how developed, ESA set up its Technology Transfer Programme (TTP) in 1990 to exploit the use of the technologies developed as part of the European space programmes.

TTP assists and facilitates the use of space-based technology, expertise, know-how and facilities in non-space sectors. The transfer is largely carried out by a network of technology brokers across Europe and Canada under the auspices and support of ESA’s Technology Transfer and Promotion Office.

For more information about space technology transfer and commercialisation visit the Technology Transfer Programme website.

European Space Incubator

ESA started in 2002 its European Space Incubator (ESI) to help entrepreneurs with novel ideas of how to use space technology and expertise in non-space fields to get their projects of the ground and develop into viable businesses.

ESI provides selected entrepreneurs and start-up companies with operational services, technical expertise and business related know-how. The first ESI was established under ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme at ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

For more information on ESI and its opportunities visit the ESI website (temporarily offline) and the Technology Transfer Programme website.

Innovation Triangle Initiative

ESA's Technology Programmes initiated the new Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI) programme in 2004 to speed up the turnaround time from idea to product. The aim is to support the fast introduction of breakthrough innovations in the European space industry by combining the creativity and expertise of the research community, space customers and industry.

The initiative is based on the concept that close collaboration between the three parties involved - the inventor, the developer and the customer - is a must for the rapid and successful introduction of breakthrough technology innovations in industry. Often SMEs presents the leading-edge expertise which is needed to successfully participate to ITI.

For more information visit the Innovation Triangle Initiative website.

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