Opportunities in other ESA programmes


In addition to the measures taken by ESA under its SME Initiative most of the Agency’s programmes are following the industrial policy elaborated within the Directorate of EU and Industrial Programmes making an important effort to involve SMEs.

A few examples from previous work plans illustrate the endeavours of some of the programmes.

Technology Research Programme (TRP)

This programme makes a major contribution to ESA’s efforts towards involving SMEs using different means to fund activity proposals originating from SMEs:

  • through its Transfer of Technology Programme (TTP)
  • by issuing specific Announcements of Opportunities on innovation with a part of the budget reserved for SMEs
  • by contributing to the LET-SME programme budget to foster the spin-in of technologies developed by SME.

More on ESA's technology programmes in 'Why technology programmes?'

ARTES 5 Programme

ESA’s Telecommunication Programme ARTES 5 makes an important contribution with its SATCOM Initiative tailored to encourage SMEs and start-ups, to develop and consolidate businesses in the field of telecommunication. A first call for ideas was issued in September 2001 and a second one in May 2002 with each resulting in a wealth of good proposals from SMEs.

This programme has also set up a User Support Office as a contact point for SMEs and start-ups wishing to work with ESA in the fast-moving satellite communications sector. The User Support Office facilitates the access of new entrants to ESA's research and development in this field, helps them during the course of their projects, and provides assistance for subsequent market development. It also provides information and training on current SATCOM technologies and liaises with ESA’s SME Unit. An up-to-date portfolio of services and facilities offered is accessible online, at the following web address: http://telecom.esa.int

General Study Programme

Under the Agency’s General Study Programme one of the elements of the Aurora Programme dedicated to ‘European Options for Exploration Missions’ issued in 2002, was reserved for non-primes, with priority given to SMEs, and resulted in many proposals originating from SMEs.

How to benefit from the efforts ESA directs towards SMEs

The efforts are diverse and it is impossible to describe all in great detail as well as being up to date. SMEs are therefore invited to review the annual announcements of opportunities published on ESA online invitation to tender system EMITS, at the following web-address http://emits.esa.int.

Last update: 5 December 2006

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