SME Policy Office

The SME Policy Office in ESA handles the implementation and management of policies adopted by ESA regarding SMEs. The Office also coordinates its SME-related actions and activities with other institutional actors, such as the national space agencies.

The SME Policy Office implements a variety of actions to reinforce the technical capabilities and sustainability of high-technology SMEs. These include:

  • funding the validation and adaptation of technologies from SMEs, so as to satisfy space engineering requirements;
  • support for partnership and business networking.

The mission of the SME Policy Office translates into the following objectives:

  • encourage high-technology SMEs' involvement in ESA's research and development (R&D) programmes;
  • offer SMEs technical support from ESA experts and laboratories;
  • adapt ESA's rules and tools to facilitate collaboration with and inclusion of SMEs in space projects & programmes;
  • provide information and promote opportunities for business partnership and networking.

This website is managed by the SME Policy Office and presents information which can help SMEs in ESA's member, cooperation agreement, and cooperating States, to improve their capabilities and opportunities to work with ESA and within the European space industry.

If you would like further information on support available to high-technology SMEs, please direct your enquiry to ESA’s SME Policy Office.

You can contact the SME Policy Office by sending an email to for all matters related to the SME Database and for other requests of more programmatic nature (payments, information on ITTs, name of experts, to share ideas, proposals, others...)

or mail to:

Mr. Jens Kauffmann 
Head of SME Policy Office

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