7th FP – Call 2013: the participation of SMEs particularly encouraged

New opportunities reserved for SMES
The final 2013 Work Programme has been published by the Commission.

The orientation papers already available showed the level of involvement expected from SMEs in many themes such as Space, Security, Environment, Health, etc.

The target is that at least 15% of the funding available under the “Cooperation” programme should go to SMEs.

In addition, under the Capacities Programme, a dedicated work programme for Research for the benefit of SMEs is introduced.
The aim is to enhance the innovation capacities of SMEs, and to provide them with the support they need to outsource research and increase their research effort.

This programme includes one call for proposals with 4 activities:
1- Research for SMEs
2- Research for SME Associations
3- Demonstration activity
4- Coordination and support action – supporting action

Full documents here:

FP7 2013 Cooperation Work Programme:
- Space
The topic "SME space technology research and technology transfer" will be reserved for proposals where more than 50% of the requested EU contribution goes to SMEs.

- Health
Over 20% of the budget ring-fenced for SMEs and industry.

- Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
Mandatory participation of SMEs in a majority of topics in which a minimum share of the requested EU contribution shall be allocated to SME participants (from 15% to 75%)

- Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies
The participation of SMEs has been strongly encouraged in the FP7 NMP Theme, by using SME-targeted collaborative projects and appropriate topics. The SME participation is currently around 23% in budgetary terms, in projects funded under the NMP Theme.

- Energy
Since the start of FP7, almost 20% of participants in the FP7 Energy Theme have been SMEs receiving around 20% of the total budget.

- Environment (including Climate Change)
An increase in SME participation to 15 % in 2013 is expected (since the start of FP7, almost 11.8 % of participants in the FP7 Environment Theme have been SMEs)

- Security

FP7 2013 Capacities Work Programme
-Research for the benefit of SMEs

FP7 2013 People Work Programme
-People Programme

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