ESA PECS Workshop to be held in Prague, Czech Republic

1 April 2008

The ESA PECS (Program for European Co-operating States) workshop will take place on 25 April 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic.This event is of high relevance to companies or institutional authorities representing PECS countries and all companies from ESA member states.

This workshop is being held as part of the Space4SME(1) project and is focused on industry of the PECS countries.

It aims to give the industry of PECS countries the occasion to share their experience, discuss the obstacles and opportunities of their individual approaches and to help ESA and national authorities better understand the different views and possible concerns of partners from each interested countries.

PECS has been designed to help European countries, particularly those that joined the European Union after 2004, to join ESA. The program is helping to stimulate relations with interested European countries, to expand the overall European scientific and industrial base and to enrich ESA as a research and development organisation.

For further information on ESA PECS Workshop :

- The Czech Space Alliance website


(1) Space4SME is a study commissioned by ESA to the trade associations AIPAS and ASTOS that aims at better identifying SMEs' difficulties and the appropriate measures to overcome those difficulties.

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