ESA further improves its on-line service for industry

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1 December 2000

An enhanced version of ESA’s Electronic Mail Invitation to Tender System (EMITS) is now on line. This makes it easier and quicker for industries in a wide range of areas, including research, technology and manufacturing to find the information they need to respond to ESA’s calls for tenders.

With the new version of EMITS:

Navigation through Intended Invitations to Tender (IITTs) is easier
IITTs can be searched by ESA Programme and by planned tender date of issue.

Receipt of information is quicker
Through the use of the Anticipations link users will be kept informed via email of new IITTs without having to wait for their scheduled publication.

More information is provided
For many IITTs links will be given to sites containing further details on the specific work to be performed.

Improved functions for expressing interest and outlining specifications
These have been considerably expanded, enabling companies interested in a specific procurement to include further information, references, details of their products and links to their own website, etc. Companies will also be able to declare interest in an activity at any phase of its procurement life cycle.

In addition, the enhanced version of EMITS will enable industry to:

Obtain details on other companies and possible partners Companies will be able to find information about potential partners and establish contact with them, thus fostering interaction between potential bidders and improving opportunities for networking.

Access EMITS Yellow Pages giving information on the key staff of all the companies, institutions and agencies cooperating with ESA.

To obtain more information on EMITS contact the Service Desk at:
Tel: +39 06 941 80700

To find information on how to do business with ESA or to link direct to EMITS see the links to ESA’s industry web site given on the right.

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