Access to ESA facilities and laboratories

ESA owns a number of laboratories in different fields of expertise. The laboratories are established to provide specific support to ESA programmes and to develop new experimental tools and analysis techniques

The work and applications of the various laboratories cover a wide range of technical areas related to spacecraft activities. Moreover, these laboratories can be made accessible to European industry and particularly SMEs (cf. 1997 Ministerial Council resolution: ESA/C-M/CXXIX/Res.1), in order to complement the technical capacities necessary to the development of their own specialty.

The ESA laboratories are grouped into four categories. To request an access, please contact directly the lab Manager indicated on the laboratory webpage.

  • Electrical laboratories

                Avionics Laboratory

                Antenna Test Facilities and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Laboratories

                Radio Frequency Payload Systems Laboratories

                Power Laboratories

  • Mechanical laboratories

                Propulsion Laboratory

                Planetary Robotics Laboratory

                Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory

                Optics & Opto-Electronics Laboratories

                Mechanical Systems Laboratory

                Life, Physical Sciences & Life Support Laboratory

  • Systems and Software laboratories

                Concurrent Design Facility(CDF)

  • Product Assurance laboratories

                Materials & Electrical Components Laboratory

Last update: 29 June 2015

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