ESA Telecom ‘Call for Ideas 2006’

ESA Telecom ‘Call for Ideas 2006’
27 June 2006

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting industry and experts from European Member States and Canada to come up with ideas and suggestions for future research and development activities in the area of satellite communication.

ESA prepares every year workplans for its ARTES-1, ARTES-3 and ARTES-5 elements of the Telecom ARTES programme. The activities in the workplans are selected from the response to this ‘Call for Ideas’ by the ESA Telecommunications team with support from experts from other ESA directorates.

The ideas and suggestions should reach us before Friday 8 September 2006.

For more information see the article on the ‘ESA Telecom for Professionals’ website.

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