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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working in space can become a member of SME4Space to learn more about opportunities and activities in the space domain, and to receive support with getting involved in ESA and EU programmes in particular.

Activities include:

  • defining and defending common positions, representing SMEs in communications with public authorities such as the European Space Agency, the European Union and its related agencies,
  • organising seminars and information sessions,
  • forming a network of SMEs to create opportunities to work together,
  • performing analyses, surveys and studies, participating in European and national calls and ‘invitations to tender’.

SME4Space also aims to carry out research projects, participating in national, European and international calls in space and related activities.

SME4Space was originally launched as an informal group of space SME associations during the Le Bourget airshow in Paris in June 2007 when former ESA Director General J. J. Dordain and the former SME4SPACE chairman G. Sylos Labini signed a Memorandum of Agreement.

A new Memorandum of Agreement was signed between ESA and SME4Space during the Industry Space Days 2016, strengthening their collaboration.

The organisation has members in 19 European countries, including 14 associations and clusters, and 14 companies. SME4Space is registered in Leuven under Belgian Law. 

SME4Space collaborates and exchanges information with the German Space SME Working Group within DLR (AKRK).

For further information, visit their website at: