Information, business partnership and networking

ESA in general, and the SME Unit in particular, have conceived a number of initiatives to strengthen the flow of information to SMEs, and to facilitate networking and business partnerships.

These initiatives can be of great benefit to smaller companies and include:

  • the SME Project Database illustrating capabilities and achievements of SMEs,
  • the SME Database, a searchable database exclusively dedicated to SMEs, that currently contains information on more than 600 SMEs listing their expertise, services, technologies and products,
  • the European Space Industry Directory with references to more than 400 companies and 1000 space products,
  • the University-Industry Relations Database presenting the technological and research competencies of universities and research centres in ESA Member States, as well as the partnerships and relations between universities, research institutes and industry,
  • the ESA Industry website (, a knowledge base presenting aspects of how to do business with ESA and access to more than 7500 contractor reports and ESA working papers from completed activities,
  • this website: the ‘SME website’ ( with coverage dedicated to SMEs working with, or interested in working with, ESA,
  • documents and brochures available in printed format (upon request by email to ESA’s SME Unit) or downloadable in electronic form from ESA’s Industry website and the SME website, e.g. SME Technology Successes, volume 1 and volume 2.

Last update: 20 December 2006

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