Components Engineering Training Course

Training documentation is provided in pdf-file-format.

The file ESA-SME-training_Components-Engineering.pdf (7342 kb) includes the presentation given on electronic, electrical and electromechanica (EEE) component engineering:

  • EEE Component Engineering Training for Engineers and Procurement Personnel (166 pages)

The file ESA-SME-training2007_Radiation-Engineering.pdf (81913 kb) includes the following presentations given on radiation engineering methods for space applications:

  • The short course team (8 pages)
  • Section 1: Course Introduction (4 pages)
  • Section 2: Environment (mission) Analysis and Specification (72 pages)
  • Section 3: Radiation Effects Analysis:
    • 3-A Radiation Effects Analysis Total Dose (38 pages)
    • 3-B: Radiation Effects and Analysis Displacement Damage (42 pages)
    • 3-C: Radiation Effects Analysis Single Event Effects (24 pages)
  • Section 4: Component Characterisation and Testing:
    • 4-A Component Characterisation and Testing Displacement Damage (40 page)
    • 4-B Component Characterisation and Testing Total Dose (38 pages)
    • 4-C Component characterisation and Testing Single Event Effects (36 pages)
  • Section 5: Radiation Hardness Assurance for Space Systems:
    • 5-A Radiation Hardness Assurance for Space Systems Component Selection, System Hardening and Counter Measures (72 pages)
    • 5-B Radiation Hardness Assurance for Space Systems: Component Selection, System Handling and Counter Measures for Single Event Effects (32 pages)

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