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This site gathers relevant pages produced by different ESA technical services. It contains specialised industry databases, technical information, design tools, catalogues, etc. It is conceived as a dynamic site. New links can be added at any time.


SpaceWire is a Network for space applications composed of nodes and routers interconnected through bi-directional high-speed digital serial links.

ESA Product Assurance & Safety Office

ESA Department of Microgravity and Space Station Utilisation

EGNOS System Test Bed

The EGNOS System Test Bed (ESTB) is the EGNOS prototype which has been broadcasting a Signal in Space (SIS) since February 2000. It is used to support and test the development of the EGNOS system, to demonstrate EGNOS to potential users, to prepare for the introduction of EGNOS and to test the possibility of expanding this system outside Europe.

SISNet Signal in Space through the Internet

SISNeT is a new technology that combines the powerful capabilities of satellite navigation and the Internet. The highly accurate navigation information that comes from the EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) Signal-In-Space (SIS) is now available over the Internet and in real time via SISNeT.

The European Environmental Test Facility Inventory (EETFI)

The European Environmental Test Facility Inventory (EETFI) is a searchable web-based database of European space environmental test facilities. Primarily dedicated to space industry, EETFI has been established and maintained by ESA.

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