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The ESA Procurement Department

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The Procurement Department is responsible for all procurement related aspects, such as:

  • the preparation and implementation of procurement through Invitations-To-Tender (ITT), Requests-For-Quotation (RFQ), Contracts and Purchase Orders in line with the Agency's industrial policy and the subsequent participation of the contract management up to its closure ,
  • the implementation of industrial policies,
  • the elaboration of procedures and methods,
  • the interpretation and application of procurement rules,
  • the definition of Best Practices,
  • the relation with the ESA Industrial Ombudsman,
  • contracts with external customers (Third Party Activities) for the use of ESA services and facilities.


The Department deals also with the procurement activities to be performed in the frame of activities entrusted to the Agency by other funding institutions (such as for example the EU, Eumetsat).


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