ESA Headquarters

Satellite image of Paris

ESA’s headquarters are based in Paris, France. Altogether 325 staff members are located here, including the Director General and many of the Directors of ESA’s programmes.

ESA’s main policy and strategy decisions are made at the Paris headquarters in consultation with ministers, officials or technical experts from ESA’s Member States.

Staff at ESA's headquarters in Paris generally work in the following areas:

  • international relations: cooperative ventures with non ESA Member States, negotiations with countries wishing to join ESA, interaction with other international organisations

  • launchers: research and development of ideas for new launchers, overseeing the launch and production facilities at Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana

  • communications: communications policy is set up and coordinated in Paris although specific activities at regional level are managed by the Agency’s establishments

  • internal audit: the Internal Audit Office ensures transparency in all ESA’s dealings

  • legal affairs: legal matters concerned with ESA and space

  • administrative/managerial: finance, project control, cost analysis, human resources, contract administration, facility management, public and/or institutional relations, administrative support

For more information on human resources at ESA headquarters contact:

Human Resources Department
European Space Agency
8-10 rue Mario Nikis
75738 Paris Cedex 15

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