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ESA in the top 100 most attractive employers of the Netherlands, wins an Award for Embracing New Technologies!

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The Universum Awards for the Netherlands, which highlights 2019’s most attractive employers according to students, were held on 2 July in Amsterdam. Over 28,000 students in business, engineering, IT, natural sciences, humanities, law and health replied to a survey to rank the top 100 employers.

ESA was honoured to have won the Award for Embracing New Technologies and proud of its inclusion at number 22 in the top 100 employers according to students in engineering,  IT and natural sciences.

Torsten Bieler, Head of the Learning and Development Service, received the Award for Embracing New Technologies on behalf of ESA and said: "Innovative approaches and technologies are in the DNA of the European Space Agency and daily work at ESA European Research and Technology Centre. Such innovation is crucial to initiate, develop, build, test, launch, operate and exploit systems that go to places with a harsh environment, where no one has ever gone before. This environment combined with the complexity of what is asked of the systems, requires us to be very much at the forefront of innovative, new technologies."

ESA can also celebrate its ranking in the Top 40 and Top 70 employers, voted by humanities students and business students respectively.

Universum is a global leader in employer ranking, working with over 2,000 universities and alumni groups to gather insight from students and professionals. This event celebrated the results of Universum’s 2019 study on the attractiveness of employers with the release of their Most Attractive Employers rankings for the Netherlands. The top 100 can be downloaded here.