ESRIN's ground facilities with Envisat building in the background


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ESA’s European Space Research Institute (ESRIN) is located in Frascati, Italy just outside Rome. Approximately 150 ESA staff work at ESRIN in addition to a number of contractors.

ESRIN is responsible for coordinating the more than 30 ground stations that receive satellite data from ESA’s Earth observation missions, as well as from missions of the United States, Russia and Japan, and distributing this data to ESA’s partners.

The design and development of ESA’s information technology is also carried out at ESRIN, which is responsible for the information systems and software used at ESA. In addition Vega, ESA’s small satellite launcher programme is based at ESRIN, as well as ESA’s Web Portal team.

Staff at ESRIN work in the following fields:


  • Earth observation data processing: remote sensing, processing of image data, meteorology, climatology, disaster recovery


  • information systems: information technology, hardware and software, web/graphics design


  • Vega: launchers, launcher propulsion technology and mechanisms


  • administrative/managerial: finance, project control, cost analysis, human resources, contract administration, facility management, public and/or institutional relations, administrative support

For further information on human resources at ESRIN please contact:

Human Resources
Largo Galileo Galilei 1
Casella Postale 64
00044 Frascati (RM)

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