How to apply for a student internship at ESA in October 2019

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Starting in October 2019, internship opportunities at ESA will be published on our recruitment website and remain open for a month. Stay tuned and be ready to launch your application for ESA!

A new and streamlined system is now in place to apply for a student internship at ESA. By following this link to our recruitment page, you will now be able to browse all our opportunities and apply using your candidate profile.
Once you have found the internship that best matches your skills and profile, simply create your candidate profile, upload your CV and add your motivation letter to submit your application. You’ll then be able to track its progress directly on our website.

“This new application process will give candidates an overview of ESA internship opportunities, technical or non-technical at most ESA Establishments” said Florence Loustalot, Head of Recruitment.  “So before applying, make sure to concentrate your efforts on the job that is most aligned with your background and interests and tell us all about them in your motivation letter!”

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Who can apply?

To apply, you need to be a national of an ESA Member State or European Cooperating State, or of Slovenia as an Associated Member State or Canada as a Cooperating State.

Candidates must have student status and be enrolled at university for the entire duration of the internship. Applicants should preferably be in their final or second-to-last year of a university course at masters level (or equivalent) in a technical or scientific discipline. 

You can find full details on eligibility, terms and conditions, and how offers will be made to successful applicants here