ISS Awards – recognising your excellence!

The delivery and installation of the Columbus Module to the International Space Station in February 2008 will be remembered as one of the most important technological achievements of European spaceflight.  

With the launch of the first fully Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) to the ISS in March 2008, another technological milestone was achieved. After the success of this first ATV, called 'Jules Verne', more space transporters, that dock and undock fully automatically to and from the ISS, will be sent up to deliver goods for scientific experiments and for everyday life to the astronauts.  

These are the kind of successes which can only be achieved through the joint efforts of all the partners involved: political decision-makers, the European Space Agency and its national partner organisations, European industry as well as pan-European research institutions. 

In order to honour the many excellent people who with their expertise and personal dedication do continually contribute to the success of the Columbus and ATV space missions, the European Space Agency has recently created the ISS Awards.

Would you like to know more about the genesis of the ISS Awards and its trophies? Moreover, do you know somebody who deserves an ISS Award? 

On the following pages you will find all the information you need:

  •  What is the purpose of the ISS Awards?  
  • The trophy - 'the glove that built Columbus' 
  •  What are the ISS Awards categories?   
  •  How often do ISS Awards ceremonies take place?  
  •  Who can be awarded with the prize?  
  •  How can I nominate somebody for the ISS Awards?  
  •  What is the selection process?

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