Meet the SPACEialists: job fairs 2014

This is your chance to get to know us at career fairs in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway and Poland throughout 2014!

ESA will participate in these events with spacecraft engineers and representatives from the Human Resources Team. We will give you information about the European Space Agency and ways to join ESA, including direct entry options and our annual Young Graduate Trainee programme.

Job fairs in Norway
University of Bergen IAESTE 29 January
Uni. of Science and Technology, Trondheim IAESTE 5 February
University of Oslo IAESTE 13 February

Job fairs in Belgium
University Ghent Jobfair VTK Ghent 18 February
University of Antwerp Talent Forum 19 February
K.U. Leuven Jobinfodag K.U. Leuven 25 February
ULB Bruxelles Job Fair Engineers 4 March
University Liège AEES de l'université de Liège 6 March

Job fairs in Poland
Warsaw University of Technology Engineering Job Fair 19 March

Job fairs in Germany & Switzerland
TU Dresden Branchentreff Luft- und Raumfahrt 23 January
Berlin Internationale Organisationen 1 February
Lausanne International Career Day 2014 28 March
Polymesse ETH Zürich PolyCareer 8-9 April
TU Darmstadt Konaktiva 6 May
Universität Hannover Career Dates 21 May
Universität Karlsruhe TH Bonding 26 May
TU München IKOM 5 June
Universität Stuttgart Bonding 23 June
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