Mette Kongelstad

Norwegian, Head of Budget, Financial and Expenditure Control Section, based at ESTEC

Following my Candidata Magisterii degree from the University of Oslo I decided to pursue a career in Economics. I have always enjoyed working with figures, so a job within administration/finance would be ideal.

My first job was as an Office Manager in a Publishing House in Oslo, but as my husband was offered a job in the Netherlands I successfully applied for a job in the Finance Division at ESTEC. Since then I have held a number of posts here, all within the area of budget and finance. These include Budget Officer, Budget Administrator, and Financial and Expenditure Controller. My present position is head of the Budget, Financial and Expenditure Control Section at ESTEC.

In my current job my work consists more in supervising the different functions of the section and is less hands on than it used to be. ESTEC has a large budget to manage because of the number of big development projects carried out here. I find my job challenging, interesting and very diverse. It gives me a global overview of what is going on as well as an in depth knowledge of some areas. This is not a static environment to work in because of the number of financial reforms and the increasing use of new software. In order to make the most of these systems we have to be innovative.

I would say to anyone who was interested in working here, go for it! ESA offers you a unique opportunity to gather a broad experience of working with collegues from different cultures and to see different ways of solving problems. Look for a job within an area you want to work, but make sure that it is one that is going to stretch your capabilities. If you work hard you have a good opportunity of making a career for yourself within ESA.

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