Views on ESA

Bernard Fleck, German, SOHO Project Scientist

"SOHO is the most exciting solar space mission ever launched and it's great to be a part of it. To me this is the 'Mecca' of solar physics and it is a privilege to be at the centre of it all."

Bengt Johlander, Swedish, Senior Instrument System Engineer

"If I were asked why I like working here then my answer would be that I enjoy working in an organisation that is active in so many different areas. I enjoy the scientific, educational, social and cultural aspects of working at ESA."

Pascale Tshilumba, Belgian, Secretary, Administrative Assistant

"Working at ESA means working in a young, dynamic and diverse environment. Space is the future and I like being a part of it."

Marek Szumlas, Dutch, Software Validation Technician

"Even after all this time I can still say that I like everything about working at ESA. It is easy to become 'blasé' and take everything for granted so at times I remind myself how lucky I am to be doing a job that I like, to be working in scientific research and, an added plus, in an international organisation."

Michael Schmidt, German, Spacecraft Operations Manager

"I enjoy the variety of my job as it has various facets. As Operations Manager I am involved with industry, scientists and project staff; I have to understand both the satellite and the ground segment. In fact I become involved in all aspects of the satellite and it is this that makes it so interesting."

Johnny Butu, German, Head of Project Control & Management Support Office, Earth Observation

"My advice to anyone wanting to work at ESA is to try and ascertain what you really enjoy most, whether you want a technical career or a business career."

Mette Kongelstad, Norwegian, Head of ESTEC Budget Execution Section

"ESA offers you a unique opportunity to gather a broad experience of working with colleagues from different cultures and to see different ways of solving problems. If you work hard you have a good opportunity of making a career for yourself within ESA."

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