What you need to know about the Network/Partnering Initiative

How to apply

  • contact your professor on existing NPI co operations to accommodate your PhD project
  • alternatively, contact our ESA NPI advisors Joerg Wehner (Space Segment related initiatives, Joerg.wehner@esa.int) and Reinhold Bertrand (Ground Segment related initiatives Reinhold.Bertrand@esa.int)
  • together with your professor and the respective ESA department, complete the online application form
  • submit your application to our ESA NPI advisors

The selection of PhD proposals takes place twice a year through a selection board.

Accepted proposals are offered support in a number of ways:

  • Co-funding – NPI co-funds research projects up to 50% or a total amount of max. €30,000 per year for doctorate degree investigations
  • Access to the ESA laboratories - NPI participants can use ESA facilities for a minimum of six and a maximum of 12 months
  • Technical support – NPI participants collaborate with ESA experts with whom they discuss proposal concepts and verify their potential for space applications
  • Networking – NPI participants can search for industrial partners for further cooperation and can build 'innovation networks' through ESA links

More information

A full list of NPI cooperation partners, universities and research institutions can be found under Related links.

For more information, please contact our NPI advisors: Joerg.Wehner@esa.int - Space Segment related initiatives
Reinhold.Bertrand@esa.int - Ground Segment related initiatives

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