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A new look for ESA’s website

22/10/2019 4903 views 127 likes
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Welcome to a new fresh look for our website! With a new content structure reflecting ESA’s ambitions for the future, and more focus on images and video, we hope you will find our website more engaging and dynamic.

Accessing the main menu at top left, our content is now organised in four pillars: Science & Exploration, Safety & Security, Applications, and Enabling & Support, with colour schemes, environment and labels all following this structure.

Our 22 Member States are also represented with a dedicated area on the website. Here you can find out more about space activities in your country and understand how we work together with national agencies, institutions and organisations.

With this makeover our website is now also fully responsive and compatible with all mobile and handheld devices. And, wherever possible, the new layout also reflects users’ own settings, such as larger fonts or higher contrast, improving the site’s accessibility for all.

Today we are also excited to introduce ESA Web TV! This is ESA’s one-stop-shop for all live events from launches to lectures. Find out more about ESA Web TV.

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