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Director General Policy Statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness

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Ever since its creation in 1975, ESA has been a place of integration for European states and their people benefiting in the process from the great wealth and diversity of the cultures they represent. Bringing together differing perspectives is one of the Agency’s greatest assets and has been a key factor behind many of the Agency’s highest achievements.

As the Agency continues to successfully pursue its space endeavours, diversity and inclusion are more than ever closely woven into the Agency’s overall mission. As an essential part of ESA’s fabric and identity, a commitment to these principles is essential and will help shape the Agency of the future.

ESA strives to become a modern, attractive employer that serves as a model to the space community and beyond. The fundamental aspiration is striving to ensure that the values and the objectives pursued through these actions become an inherent feature of the Agency’s policies and business practices, therefore embedded in the fabric of who we are.

ESA not only intends to preserve the wealth of diversity but to reinforce further the values of diversity and inclusiveness. ESA wishes to attract and develop a diverse pool of talent, and to leverage the rich treasure of experience, knowhow and potential of its employees.

ESA is also increasing its efforts to create a modern, inclusive working environment where people value diversity in teams, take others' perspectives into account and feel comfortable being themselves – regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age or working experience, sexual orientation, physical or mental challenges, ethnicity and educational, religious or social background.

Finally, the initiatives we are taking in the framework of diversity and inclusiveness at ESA will support the Agency’s information, innovation, interaction and inspiration actions as part of the Space 4.0 agenda.

In this sense, the Agency will also continuously foster coordination and joint actions with Member States and other stakeholders – industry, academia, international partners, the public at large – pursuing diversity and inclusiveness as a horizontal endeavour supporting the strengthening of the space sector, peaceful cooperation and interaction with a broader society.

Gandhi once said, "Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation."

For ESA, its ability to embrace diversity and inclusiveness will be the beauty and the test of our Agency as we stand for a United Space in Europe.


Jan Wörner
ESA Director General
September 2017

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