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ESA/CNES at Le Bourget

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There is something to interest everyone at the joint ESA/CNES stand on Europe in Space at the 44th Le Bourget Air Show throughout this week. Watch the daily highlights on the ESA/CNES website.

The ESA/CNES stand is more than 1300 m2 big. Exhibits include Earth observation, navigation, Science missions SMART-1 and Integral, telecommunications, the International Space Station, launchers, and manned spaceflight.

The Air Show is open to the general public on Sunday 17 June and on the following weekend. Visitors to the ESA/CNES stand will be able to view the exciting exhibits and learn about Europe’s important role in space. For more information see the full programme.

Younger visitors will find plenty to interest them at the ESA/CNES stand as the exciting world of space is explained through the exhibits. One of the attractions will be a special web site designed for children by ESA’s Launchers Programme. This animated site includes a fun quiz and information about launchers. Children will also have an opportunity to meet, talk and have lunch with ESA astronauts on Saturday 23 June.

..but who will go to the Envisat launch?

Envisat Logo
Envisat Logo

At 12.30 on Sunday 17 June, ESA will announce the winner of its competition to design an Earth Flag. All 16 of the winners from the 15 ESA Member States, plus Canada, will be present and their winning entries will be on view for all to see. From these, an overall winner will be selected and it will be their design for an Earth flag that will accompany ESA’s new Earth observation satellite Envisat, on its journey into space aboard an Ariane 5 launcher. The lucky winner will be able to watch the launch from the European spaceport in French Guiana. For those who did not win this time, ESA’s next children’s competition is now open.

Space in your business

What do a racing car and a satellite have in common?

The Le Bourget Air Show is a valuable occasion to learn about new developments in the aerospace industry. Representatives of industry will be very welcome at the ESA/CNES Industry Desk where they will be given information on how to do business both with ESA and CNES. Wednesday 20 June has been designated ESA Technology and Industrial Matters Day and one of the events will be an opportunity to meet with the newly appointed European Space Industry Ombudsman, Mr H. Schneiter. More info.


The first ESA/CNES press conference at Le Bourget takes place on Sunday morning. During the Air Show, various briefings for the media will take place and the media will be able to meet with, and interview, top ESA and CNES personnel.

This is just a taste of what’s on offer. To find out more, or if you are not able to get to Le Bourget in person, you can follow the events on the joint ESA/CNES website.

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