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Antonio Rodotà was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal

ESA Director General receives high recognition from NASA

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ESA PR 3-2002. At a ceremony held yesterday at ESA headquarters in Paris, NASA European Representative Karen Feldstein, on behalf of former NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin, presented ESA Director General Antonio Rodotà with the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal.

This exclusive distinction has been awarded to Mr Rodotà in recognition of his strong advocacy of transatlantic cooperation with NASA.

The accompanying letter, signed by Daniel Goldin while still NASA Administrator, reads: "Through your dedication, ESA has assumed a major leadership role in the development and operation of the International Space Station. You have directed strong ESA bilateral cooperation with NASA and have greatly furthered international civil space activities through your support of the broad panoply of European Space Agency programmes".

"Your dedication and hard work", it continues, "have produced significant ESA contributions to the advancement of knowledge in space and Earth sciences. These contributions are testimony to the breadth of support and commitment you have demonstrated throughout your tenure. The contributions of the European Space Agency to international cooperation in space exploration under your stewardship continue to flourish as NASA and ESA boldly explore the frontiers of space".

"I am very pleased and honored to have worked with you. Again, congratulations on your distinguished public service, which has greatly contributed to expanded US-European civil space cooperation" added Mr Goldin in conclusion.

"I am very grateful to Daniel Goldin and NASA, and deeply honoured to have been awarded such special recognition", stated Mr Rodotà, pointing to the light blue pin he proudly wore on his lapel as a mark of this recognition. "I wish to share it with all the international staff at ESA who have helped me perform my duties since I took up office and will continue to do so in future. With many countries working together towards a common goal, ESA is an exemplary model of international cooperation within Europe, and I am also very proud of our success in fostering international cooperation beyond the boundaries of the Old Continent".

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