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A similar life support system to that developed by ESA for the MPLM modules is to be used within ESA's Columbus laboratory module.

As ESA's most significant contribution to the Space Station, Columbus will become Europe's science laboratory in orbit, providing facilities for astronauts to work in a unique environment and participate in cutting edge scientific and technological research.

ESA and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) agreed to cooperate on a number of manned space modules, under an arrangement in which ESA would develop and deliver the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) for the Columbus module and the three MPLMs, with in return, ASI providing the primary structures for both vehicles.

Once in operation the Columbus laboratory will allow astronauts to work on a wide variety of experiments in materials science, medicine, biology and technology - many eventually leading to benefits in commercial processes that will enhance everyday life on Earth.

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(Based on the ESA STS-100 Newspaper by ESA Publications)

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