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Europe’s got talent, and the search is on

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ESA has just launched its campaign to recruit the next generation of European astronauts, and is expecting tens of thousands of applications from the best and the brightest across Europe. But it is also looking for men and women with the right stuff to fill challenging positions at all levels, particularly in specialised technical areas. Our new job-alert feature makes it even easier for you to keep abreast of the latest vacancy notices.

A wealth of opportunities

"As it begins its recruitment campaign for the new members of the Astronaut Corps, it is crucial that ESA continue to attract top candidates who have what it takes to work at the forefront of space science and technology", explains Bettina Boehm, Head of Human Resources.

Bettina Boehm
Bettina Boehm

"We are particularly interested in applications from experts keen to work on the development of launchers and missions related to human spaceflight, science, telecommunications, navigation, and Earth observation."

The specific areas of expertise the recruitment effort is now focussing on are:

  • technical and quality management:

    • power-supply and power-conditioning engineering
    • tracking, telemetry and command
    • radio navigation
    • component engineering telecommunications engineering
    • on-board software product assurance


  • operations and infrastructure:
    • operations engineering
    • flight dynamics

Our new job-alert feature

To make it even easier for you to keep up to date on the latest opportunities in these and other areas at ESA, we have added a new job-alert tool to our 'Careers in space' page.

Fill in this form to subscribe

The tool is simplicity itself: just type in your name and e-mail address and click Subscribe, and we will send you the latest vacancy notices at ESA as soon as they are published.

Whether you apply to join ESA’s Astronaut Corps or one of our international teams of experts working on cutting-edge projects, you are taking a first step toward a rewarding career with a top-notch employer.

Job alerts are a simple and practical means to reach out to potential candidates - but there are other, more important ways in which ESA is tapping into the pool of talent Europe has to offer.

A culture of excellence and inclusiveness

Engineers at Europe's Spaceport in Kourou
Engineers at Europe's Spaceport in Kourou

"ESA is a forward-looking organisation with a range of policies in place that strive for gender balance - especially in management posts and in science and engineering - as well as cultural diversity", says Boehm.

"This inclusive approach has social and political underpinnings, but it also makes perfect business sense, allowing us to tap into and develop new reserves of talent. The resulting variety in cultural and professional backgrounds makes ESA a dynamic and rewarding place to work."

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