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European Space Talks: sharing our passion for space

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The European Space Talks initiative will give you, as a member of the European space community, the opportunity to join other space professionals, researchers and enthusiasts in presenting your latest research, activities or interests in space.

During November 2018, a series of grassroots talks and events will sweep across ESA Member States, promoting space among the general public. From local schools and city halls to space industries or universities, no venue is too small.

ESA Director General Jan Wörner said, “I invite everyone in the European space family to feel welcome in joining this new outreach experience. You may set up a Space Talk as a host and share your enthusiasm for space.”

Space concerns everyone. It contributes to our lives on a daily basis and can help to solve some of humankind’s greatest challenges. The European space sector contributes significantly to Europe’s economy and inspires the younger generations in many ways.

Who better than the people who spend their days thinking about space, working on space projects, or actually living in space, to share their passion with the world?

As European space professionals, we have a responsibility to let people know what our space organisations and industry are doing, as well as making sure that everyone better understands the world we live in, in order to prepare tomorrow’s world.

To set up and run a Space Talk in your language and style of choice, simply register as an event organiser here and download the communication kit. Then you will receive access to a central website where you can create your own event, and promote it together with the other Space Talks.

The European campaign will culminate on Saturday, 24 November, but Space Talks can take place throughout the month of November.

While presenting your passion for space, think digital too. Many space fan communities will be joining the campaign, so join in by using the #SpaceTalks hashtag when communicating about these events.

If you want to attend a Space Talk, a list of events near you will be available on the Space Talks web site soon!

‘Space 4.0ur future: plug and play' session with Jan Woerner dedicated to kids
‘Space 4.0ur future: plug and play' session with Jan Woerner dedicated to kids

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