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Live discussion on how to reinvent business models after COVID-19

12/06/2020 913 views 22 likes
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Join us on Monday 15 June for a live streamed conversation with European experts on how to reinvent your business model.

The coronavirus pandemic has induced and accelerated innovation and change within many space-enabled businesses as well as the space industry as a whole.

In the fifth and final webinar on how we can use space to improve life on Earth during and after the coronavirus pandemic, experts from big businesses, start-up companies, academics and entrepreneurs will discuss how to build tomorrow’s world.

“COVID-19: Reinvent your business model” will take place on 15 June at 17:00 CEST. Watch live on ESA Web TV:

Guests include:

  • Nick Appleyard, Head of Space Solutions at ESA
  • Oltion Carkaxhija, Head of Transformation at Air France KLM
  • Jeremy Ghez, Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the HEC international business school in Paris
  • Barbara Imhof, Managing Director at Liquifer, an architecture and planning company in Vienna
  • Marc Menasé, Founder and Chief Executive of Founders Future in Paris, which aims to help turn ideas into businesses
  • Jan Wörner, ESA Director General

The discussion will be moderated by Donatella Ponziani, Downstream Gateway Officer at ESA.

You can pose questions during the webinar using the hashtag #AskESA on social media.

This is the final webinar in a series that included: