ESA Application for iPhone and iPad

Space in your pocket…

21/06/2011 3604 views 2 likes
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…and also on your tablet! The new ESA iPhone or iPad application, or ‘App’, can now deliver a wealth of information on ESA missions, videos, images and news updates, at your fingertips.

The ESA App provides an easy and interesting way for the public to experience space exploration. It collects, customises and delivers a wide selection of up-to-date information from various online ESA sources. ESA content is delivered in a clear and intuitive way, wherever you are, making full use of the iPhone and iPad touch features.



You can access top news stories, videos, images, facts and figures, ESA’s Twitter feeds, Flickr and Facebook links and other information in a convenient mobile package. This is now available free of charge for iPhone and iPad directly from the App Store at Apple.

This is an exciting new service for a growing audience who want to feel more involved in space developments.

ESA sees increasing awareness about space as a high priority, and wants to make space more accessible, not only to European citizens but also to viewers around the world.

Tools such as this App allow ESA to provide easy access to its information for a wide public very quickly.

Join us on our exciting journeys with this App, and see how space benefits us all on Earth. It’s your Universe to discover!

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