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Space world to gather at IAC 2007 in Hyderabad, India

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The 58th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2007) takes place in Hyderabad, India from 24 -29 September 2007. This annual congress, one of the major space events of the year, brings together some 2000 international specialists, industry representatives and world leaders in the field.

It provides a crossroad uniting the world’s space agencies, astronautics institutes, aerospace scientific associations and firms involved in space activities.

The congress will be officially inaugurated on the morning of Monday 24 September at 09:45 local time by the Indian Prime Minister , Dr Manmohan Singh.

More than 1300 authors are presenting papers, while symposia composed of 138 parallel technical sessions deal with such subjects as space transportation, communication satellites, Earth observation, human spaceflight, exploration of outer space and the planets, and space law. An exhibition with more than 90 booths features products and activities of space agencies and major industrial companies.

In addition to the regular technical presentations, major Plenary Events and Highlight Lectures on various topics will be presented with the participation of top representatives from the European, American, Russian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, and Canadian space agencies and leading industries. These include:

  • Round table of Heads of Space agencies
  • Earth-threatening Asteroids
  • 50th Anniversary of the Space era: Sputnik 1 and the International Geophysical Year
  • Role of government procurements in developing space markets
  • Recent results on global exploration strategy & future lunar and interplanetary missions
  • Earth observation systems in Asia: International cooperation within Asian countries
  • New space industry actors in the global market place
  • Space technology for poverty alleviation
  • The International Space Station: an historic technical achievement and international cooperative success
  • Human health and performance in space as human exploration begins
  • Space satellite-based telemedicine networks
  • Living and working aboard the International Space Station.

Media representatives are invited to cover this major event and take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet the world’s leaders in the field and take stock of present and future space programmes.

This year, as a novelty, IAF and UN-OOSA plan to organise a round table with participation of Heads of leading space agencies and other relevant national/regional/international institutions from both space-faring nations and non-space-faring countries. A workshop held from 21-23 September in Hyderabad will promote a direct dialogue with participants on how space technologies and policies can contribute to sustainable development programmes in developing countries, with a focus on food security.

The complete programme of the Congress is available on The site also explains how to obtain free registration for journalists. Media must register before 15 September via the website.

This press release is published on behalf of IAF.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Rocio Caparros (IAF Secretariat)
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