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United space in Europe

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Exploring the Universe, and sending satellites and humans into space in a secure and sustainable environment for all, are among the major challenges for developed nations in the 21st century.

This is why over 20 European countries have been pooling resources for over 50 years, putting Europe at the forefront of space science, technology and applications. Today, Europe’s citizens enjoy the benefits, from jobs and economic growth, to public services, efficient communications and security.

European cooperation

ESA’s wealth of experience and track record of success, in elaborating and implementing space programmes for more than 50 years, have allowed it to continuously improve and adapt to its changing environment. In order to ensure the full integration of space into European society and economy, ESA regularly shares its experience with other European entities.

In concert with the national bodies responsible for space of its Member States, the European Union, Eumetsat, the EDA and ESA’s international partners, it manages the research and development programmes needed to maintain the competitiveness of Europe’s world-class industry and to support the outstanding scientific discoveries of the future.