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Space19+, the ESA Council at Ministerial level, in Seville, Spain

Watch the Space19+ press conference with ESA Web TV

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Follow the press conference from Space19+, the ESA Council at Ministerial Level, live from Seville, Spain, on 28 November. ESA Director General Jan Wörner and Space19+ Co-Chairs, Frédérique Vidal and Manuel Heitor, will participate in the press conference after the conclusion of the meeting. 

Live coverage on ESA Web TV is due to start at 13:00 GMT (14:00 CET) - the start time may change.

This two-day event brings together ministers from ESA’s Member States along with Associate Member Slovenia and Cooperating State Canada to discuss future space activities for Europe and particularly, the budget of Europe’s space agency for the coming three years.

Space19+ is an opportunity to direct Europe’s ‘next generation’ ambitions in space, and address the challenges facing not only the European space sector but also European society as a whole. This proposal includes the Director General’s plan for space programmes to be carried out by the Agency beyond 2019, and covers all aspects of space activities: science and exploration, applications, access to space, operations, research and development. It also puts ESA in a world-leading position in the emerging field of space safety and security.

Find out more about the Director General’s proposal on our Space19+ website.