Access to ESA official meeting-related documents via eCPB

The Agency’s electronic Council, Committee and Programme Board portal was introduced in October 2007 with the aim to enhance and document the decision making process, to foster coordination with, within and among national Delegations, thus strengthening good governance and accountability.

eCPB gives ESA Member States’ accredited representatives and authorised users online access to the Agency’s official documents from 1995 onwards. Request for earlier documents should be forwarded to the ESA Records manager, within the Director General’s Cabinet. These documents comprise agendas and minutes of meetings, final resolutions, rules and regulations, programme declarations adopted by Council and its subordinate bodies, as well as working documents appearing on the agenda. Issued by the Director General for the intention of Member States Delegations, these papers, as well as the related debates, are not meant to be public and must be protected from any unauthorised disclosure.

Delegations should ensure that rules on access to ESA official documents are consciously applied and that the list of eCPB user accounts is regularly reviewed and updated (see ESA/C(2007)185,rev.1). The current system features are described in detail in the online user guide. ESA Member State Representatives should ensure they are subscribed to receive newly loaded documents by e-mail. Users can access the relevant helpdesk (, tel.:+39 06 941 80700) for queries regarding access and content of the portal.

As requested by several delegations, as of January 2010 the mailing of paper hard copies of official documents was discontinued.

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