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Is it possible to visit the European Astronaut Centre?
It is possible to join a guided tour of the European Astronaut Centre. Since the Centre is located on the premises of the DLR German Aerospace Center, guided tours are organised by them.

Follow this link for more information:

It is not possible to visit during the weekend. Once every two years DLR and the European Astronaut Centre organise a public day featuring many astronauts.

Can I apply for a school or university placement?
The European Astronaut Centre offers a limited number of places for school students and university students. If interested, please see this website:

For general ESA placements of Young Graduate Trainees, please visit the following website:

For general activities on space for students, go to ESA’s education page:

Can I apply for a job with ESA?
Please consult these links:

How can I become an astronaut?
Please consult these links:

European Astronaut Selection:

How can I get an astronaut autograph?
ESA can only send cards that are signed by ESA astronauts. ESA does not distribute cards from NASA, Roscosmos or astronauts from any other agencies. Keep in mind that ESA is obliged to act responsibly with taxpayer resources. Therefore, we keep a record of autograph requests and will not send cards to the same address twice.

To request an ESA astronaut autograph, send a return envelope (minimum size 10.5 x 15 cm) with your address on it and the astronaut whose autograph you wish to receive to


Building 12 - reception
Linder Höhe
51147 Köln

If you live in Germany include a stamp with sufficient postage on the return envelope. Outside of Germany include an international reply coupon (coupon-réponse-international).

Can I use ESA's photo and video material?
Consult our general terms and conditions:

I would like to invite an ESA astronaut to an event. How can I make a request for astronaut appearances?
To request an astronaut for an event or public relations please use this link:

Can I do my master’s thesis with the European Astronaut Centre?
The European Astronaut Centre cannot support master’s or bachelor’s theses. Enquire at one of your national universities involved in space programmes. You could also consider the International Space University.

Can I partner with the European Astronaut Centre for business or other commercial partnerships?
ESA's mandate for business and advertisement partnerships is very limited. For more information on business opportunities with ESA, please, consult the following webpage:

ESA's Technology Transfer Programme also offers attractive business opportunities that might fit your needs:

Can ESA help me with my homework?
We cannot do your homework for you, but ESA has many online resources in most European languages that can help you with background information for school work.

Here is a selection of the most interesting links from the ESA website:


I saw something in the night sky that looks like a UFO. Is ESA interested in such observations?
ESA does not research this topic, but other organisations do. You could direct your enquiry to or

Can I see the International Space Station from my home town?
Most probably, yes. You can see where the International Space Station is at any time by looking here:

My question was not in this list, what should I do?
For more general questions and answers about ESA, follow this link:

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