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Please write or call us at:

Linder Hoehe
D-51147 Cologne

+49 2203 600 10

By car

From Frankfurt (A3) or from Bonn (A59) follow signs to Koeln/Bonn Airport (A59) until the exit Porz-Wahn/Wahnheide. At the exit take the right (Porz-Wahnheide) and follow the ESA/EAC signs.

From Cologne (A59) or Oberhausen/Duesseldorf (A3) follow the signs to Koeln/Bonn Airport (A59) until the exit Porz-Wahn/Wahnheide. At the exit take the left (Porz-Wahnheide) and follow the ESA/EAC signs.

Enter street name “Planitzweg” for  car navigation systems.

By plane

From Cologne Airport take a taxi in front of the terminal and ask the driver to take you to "DLR in Porz-Wahnheide, building 12".

By train

You can take the local S-Bahn 12 to "Au Sieg" or 13 to "Troisdorf" leaving from platform 10 at the Cologne central station, Köln Hauptbahnhof. Each line leaves every 20 minutes during the day meaning that a train leaves every 10 minutes. Leave the train at "Porz-Wahn" (the fifth stop for line 13 and sixth stop for line 12) and continue from there by bus 162 (direction DLR-Köln-Wahnheide) or take a taxi.

Tickets for local train routes must be purchased in advance. You can get tickets from the orange ticket machines below platform 10. Choose tariff 1b.

By taxi

From Cologne central station, Köln Hauptbahnhof, take a taxi to Porz-Wahnheide, DLR building 12. Taxi stands are located on the north and south exit of the station.

Taxis are available almost everywhere in Cologne. However, if you can't find one, you can call 19410 and ask to be picked up. The price depends on traffic and time of day but from Cologne central station to EAC without a significant delay should not exceed 35 Euros.

By bus

Take bus 162 from Porz-Wahn. The bus sign will show "DLR" and runs every 30 minutes from 04:37 to 20:32. Be sure to take the bus going to DLR as there are different routes for bus number 162. Exit at the last stop and you will be at the DLR entrance. Train tickets to Porz-Wahn are also valid on the bus. The EAC building is about one kilometre from the DLR gate and a 15-minute walk.

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