ECSL Board Members for the term 2019-2021

ECSL Board 2019-2021

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In 2019 the ECSL Board Member election for the period 2019 – 2021 took place. The ECSL is delighted to be sharing the results of these elections and wishes to thank its Members for their participation to the vote. 

During the General Meeting of Members of the ECSL on the 24th of April at ESA ESTEC, ECSL Secretary announced the result of the election of the Board Members for the term 2019 – 2021.

The ECSL would like to extend its congratulations to the newly elected Board composed of (alphabetical order): 

Prof. Philippe Achilleas 

Prof. Christian Bruenner

Prof. Stephan Hobe

Prof. Armel Kerrest (Vice Chairman)

Prof. Sergio Marchisio (Chairman)

Mrs. Sarah Moens

Prof. Maria-Del-Carmen Munoz Rodriguez

Mr. Nicholas Puschman

Mrs. Jenni Tapio 

The General Meeting was also the opportunity to present the ECSL Triennial Activity Report highlighting the evolution and future goals in favour of further capacity-building in Space Law.

In addition, some ECSL National Point Of Contacts (namely Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK) presented an overview of past and future activities in their respective countries.

ESA Representative (M.Ferrazzani) and ECSL Executive Secretary (C.Bouafia)
ESA Representative (M.Ferrazzani) and ECSL Executive Secretary (C.Bouafia)