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Space Insight Day

Space Insight Day

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ECSL Space Insight Day

The overall objective of the ECSL is to encourage interest in and knowledge of space law, a broad area of law which is becoming increasingly important both at the national and international level. In addition to initiatives like essay competitions, training and educational opportunities as well as networking events for students and young professionals, the ECSL is keen to develop and continue to be an invaluable resource in Europe for those engaged in or curious about this sector and area of law.

The Space Insight Dayis a new initiative of the ECSL which aims to provide students and young professionals with a first-hand insight into the daily business of those working across the space sector, and an understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector today. It will also be a chance to network both with space representatives and fellow students and young professionals.

The event will take place from 10.00 - 17.00 on 23 March 2017 at ESA HQ, Paris, France.

The structure of this one-day event will be split into two sessions. The morning session will feature different speakers, including leading practitioners and academic experts, to share their experiences of working in this field and discuss career prospects.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty 1967, the cornerstone of the international space law regime. As such, the afternoon session will look at the history of this treaty, and space law going forward, with the aim of providing an insight into how the law is set to develop over the course of the next half century as space activities continue to grow and what this means for space 4.0.

The day is not intended to take the form of a traditional lecture; it is an interactive event in which attendees are actively encouraged to participate in discussions and exchange views. It will be an introduction, so a prior knowledge of space law is not a prerequisite.

How to Participate

This event is primarily aimed at students (all disciplines) and young professionals.

As this inaugural event will be taking place before the Space Generation Advisory Council's 2nd European Workshop from 24-25 March 2017, the ECSL is pleased to invite delegates for this workshop to register for the Insight Day. Further details on the SGAC Workshop are available at: 

Once registered, you will be asked to submit at least one question you would like to ask one or more of the speakers. This can relate to the particular topic about which they will be speaking or anything else related to the space sector, educational opportunities or career options.

How to register

To register, please visit the following link and do so before 20 March 2017: 

You will receive an e-ticket once registered.

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